Equipment & Technology

The company has introduced dozens of the world's most advanced Japanese Fuji P451, P452, German KBA four-color printing and coating production lines, in addition to a number of international leading level of Europe's automatic high-speed aerosol cans production line, advanced beverage cans and process cans (boxes) production line, configured with high-end inspection and testing equipment, the entire automated production.

With the development needs of the company, our company increases the investment funds for technology research and development construction year by year, focuses on technology research and development and innovation, introduces and cultivates professional and technical personnel, invests nearly ten million yuan in research and development expenses every year, and achieves a series of results in the field of technology, realizing the breakthrough of key technologies. At present, our company has accumulated 15 technologies have been authorized by the national patent, and dozens of other technologies are in the process of patent application, some of which have passed the examination stage. The independent intellectual property rights have enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise and provided strong technical support for the company's sustainable and rapid development.

Proprietary namePatent No.
A color register deviation detection device for offset presses201120340664.4
An offset press device with colour & registration deviation detecto201120340676.7
A kind of device to prevent the overlap of cone/top snapping201120340665.9
A kind of device to prevent the overlap of dome/bottom snapping201120340674.8
A kind of aerosol cone/top201220148268.6
A new kind of aerosol cone/top201220148265.2
A kind of anti-explosion-proof aerosol can201220148266.7
A kindof aerosol can201220148267.1
A kind can body tin cutting machine continuous receiving device201220215310.1
A kind of forklift for easy loading and unloading of stamping abrasives201220215334.7

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